What happenin' everybody ?

Right now the A.C Team is having themselves a well deserved vacation! All three of us are spred around the world but soon to be united again ;) We're planing on gettin' together at the end of January and then just let hell brake loose.. we've got LOTS of plans for ya, the release of the showreel will be when we get back, we will release new tour dates and e.t.c.

So.. more to come, be sure though to check out Maxwell Jackson's new video "Let the right one in" ( below this chapter ) to see glimpses of your wonderfull catz ;)

All the love to ya! <3 / Schïzo

Maxwell Jackson feat. Alleycatz!

Happy Fucking New Year!!!

Now it has landed - "Let the Right One In" w music-sensation Maxwell Jackson, featuring your favourite freaks; AlleyCatz!

2011 couldn't have had a better start for us, now let's continue our mission - to rock the shit out of Stockholm, Sweden, and every other city that's coming our way!

Check the video out, and tell all your bitches about it! Or Her Majesty Rocket will come find you...


"Comin Undone" - Korn
"Something In Your Mouth" - Nickelback
photographer: Roxy Rose

Our beloved photographer/stylist/no 1 fan/groupie, Roxy Rose is filming us backstage, warming up and preparing for the "Bite Me"-show!

Coloured contact-lenses from
Daggers "modern outlaw" from
Bunnysuit from


Merry f*cking rockin' Christmas, all you mother*fuckers!!!
We had a great kick-of of the Bite Me Tour at Harry B James in Stockholm, Sweden, Thursday 23rd of December. The audience loved us of course. Keep an eye our for our next gig in a town near YOU!!!

Thank you's:
Therese Hollgren
Jörgen and Sophia Hjelte
Maryam Zakariae
Pontus Eklund
Sebastian Synstad
Andreas Wennerström
Helens Krog/Rocks
and of course all our familys and friends!

Here are, of course, some exclusive photage from the show, taken by excellent photographer Peter Åkerström!

Her Majesty Rocket


Wild Child

This one you all recognize :P

"...they're releasing all the hounds..."

...or CATZ more likely! Listen up children, 5 days left now to the rock experience of your life! is now also a proud member of the AlleyCatz-team! Check their website for really cool, and fun christmas presents! They deliver just in a couple of days!

Have a really nice weekend ya'll!

XOXOXO //RocketQueen
This awesome table, among other things, you can get at

rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing...

Hello kittenz!

AlleyCatz are rehearsing their shock-rock show now, as we speak, for the premiere of the Bite Me Tour at rockclub Harry B James, 23rd of December. (In case someone missed that we're doing a gig there :))

I must say the show is coming together really great. It's gonna be an awesome mix of black - and new metal, good ol' fashioned rock n roll and glamrock. The choreographies will go all the way from wacking and house, to contemporary and commersial jazz. Even some oriental dancing and ragga.

We're also in the making of props and specialeffects on stage. But what that will be, you're just gonna have to come to see :P
You DON'T wanna miss this!

Sincerely, Your Majesty Rocket

Schïzo - Mi be updating it all for ya ;)

Word up yaa'll!!
Iz yo cutzie-wutzie lil' Schïzo here, yeyaa!!

Just thought I'd update ya'll on the news-shizzle from A.C.

So.. you remember the date do you ?  Soon, it's closing in on us.. the 23rd of December AlleyCatz will perform their AWESOME show for the first time live at Harry B James!

"But it's the day before christmas ?"

So ? The club is aproximatly 200m from Sergels Torg/ Plattan so you'll have no problem at getting home at all, and you can sleep-in at christmas morning, everybody else does betch ;) You CAN'T miss the birth of this awesome shock-rock dance crew, it's something that has never been done before - EVER!

More news:

AlleyCatz will soon, very soon appear in Maxwell Jackson's new music video. Maxwell Jackson is a new rockband with the same worldwide dreams as AC. Of course we'll post it in the FB group or here in the blog but still - keep yo eyes open ;)

ALICE OF SWEDEN is also now a PROUD member of the A.C Team, as our sponsors. We hope that it will end in a heavenly co-operation and of course we encourage all our fans do get the badest most sexiest outfits from 'Alice Of Sweden' ;)

So, to wrap up this "Bible-length-long" post, we just wanna make sure that everyone keep their eyes wide open 'cause Sthlm has just been plastered with posters of AlleyCatz to inform everybody of the Harry B James gig.


You can look, more up-close, at the posters
@ Blue Fox, Saints N Sinner & No Fear. 

HOOOLLAAA' AT US!! All the love to ya <3 // Schïzo ;)


Exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the making of AlleyCatz "Bite Me Tour" trailer!!!

Her Majesty Rocket and your favourite menace Schïzo are playing the "How-many-hits-with-the-shovel-before-you-fall-down-in-the-radioactive-acid"-game.

Beautiful WildChild - doing some sexercises at the barr...

Brilliant, genius photographer Daniel Gustafsson, made us look fabulous!

Keep an eye out for the trailer! Soon on a YouTube near you!

"...bad news or a wedding band..."

If a man wrote a song like this to me, I swear I'd marry him and have his baby. Saul! Buy me a ticket to LA! I will never, ever leave your side baby!

I've been in love with Slash (Saul) since I was 7 years old. This summer I saw him live. I went backstage and when he saw me, he dropped his guitarr, being so blown away. If it was my outfit, the ballett-shoes or the two cuts in my face, I don't know. Or maybe it was the bottle of Jack I had in my belt? But he thinks of me now everytime he plays Rocketqueen, I can tell you that :)

There's alot to come.. aloot.

They be bringin' da hous doooown!

That's what Alley Catz will do at the 23rd of December at Harry B James! Just came home from a spectacular trainingsession with WildChild and RocketQueen and oooooh, if we would've been any hotter the fire alarm would've gone of - WOOOP WOOOOP WOOOP! (that's at least what OUR fire alarm sounds like, hehe)

So yeah, and keep yo eyes open for our flyers all over Stockholm.. we've just gotten'em and with our little midget army we're gonna rule the town during the night and plaster our shit ALL over ;D But keep in mind that it's useless to try to scrape'em off the walls since we HAVE another batch of posters in the making, so.. we WILL hit the city one more before the show ;)

Right now I'm gonna try to get some sleep and I know just the music to calm me down, I was kinda inspired by RocketQueens headbang track so I decided to also choose a song from the wonderfull band Black Label Society since I'm such a BIG Ozzy-motherf*cking-Osbourne-fan and I belive that the singer in BLS sometimes sounds almost exactly like Ozzy (I said ALMOST!). 

So here ya go, something to sooth you while you're trying to sleep >press here mothaf*ckah< (.. and something I've heard is that Ozzy might have been a guestvocalist in this particular song.. if he was, cool!)

// Schïzo

break your neck to this!!!

Hello kittenz, this is your Majesty Rocket.
To make us forget the cold and snow outside and get hot and sweaty, I thought I'd give you a real good head-bang track to jump around to at home. Just make sure you wear nothing but underwear, in case I wanna come over and dance with you :)

Have fun! I know I will.

Play with me!

Im so fucking bored, no one wants to play with me..they say I hurt them...

All my toys are broken, I guess I play rough...I just wanted to see how hard I could throw that doll to the ground and the head just splashed into pieces...why is that...I dont know?

I just wanna play....maybe we can do a game called " U show me yours, I show u mine" ?

I like the line " Don't cry like a bitch when you feel the pain" ..what is pain?  Is that what comes when I play with my knives on my friends?..The red fluid thing that starts to run down there bodies?

I don't know, I don't care, I just wanna play!

Play me bitches ;)

"...I'm a sexual innuendo in this burned out paradise..."

Relax my children, the Rocketqueen is here. Sit on my lap and tell her majesty what she can do for you. Just remember, when the queen has blessed you with her help, you're also cursed to do whatever the queen tells you to do. But to recieve such gift as a favour from the Rocketqueen herself, makes it all worth it, doesn't it? All the blood and sweat and tears and broken bones, are small prices to pay to make the queen happy.
And I should warn you; once you're in my lap - you never ever want to leave.
Gotta go now. There's a kitten who wants to play...

.. headlines are overrated..

Say hallelulja with me!
Why ? It's aaalmooost Friday!!!

Yessuuure! Sittin' here right now and I just sent the flyer over to the peeps at Harry B James for our performance at the 23rd of December ;) BE THERE or be square! While I'm at the same time sittin' and smashin' my head against the wall (hardcore I tell ya) to the beats of the album A Tribute To Abba (gay say what ?)

No but seriously, check it out.. typical 80's rock with some reeeaaally nice high I'm-kickin-a-guy-in-the-nutts pitches ;) >press here, peer pressure is the shit<

But I'll be hittin' the sack soon, counting to fall aslepp: 1 bat, 2 bats, 3 bats, 4 bats *starting to get crowded, panicing*, 5 bats, 6 bats, 7 bats aaaaaaarrrgghhhh shiiieeet!!!!

/ Schïzo

Honey Im home!

Hi All you Bithches, Wildchild speakng.

Are you coming to Harry B James ,23 of December, to watch me and my crew do our thing on the stage? I hope you all can make it, It gonna be fierce! Bring all your friends and If you dont have a friend bring someone off the street.

I dont know what to wear on our perfomans...Im thinking of something HOT and STEAMY and ofcourse playfull...what ya think about this outfit? with wippedcream and knifes....

You like?

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